Kamal Handbook

Kamal Handbook is the missing manual for the new Kamal deploy tool which lets you run Docker in production with minimal effort.

Includes a foreword by Donal McBreen,
Kamal contributor and Lead Programmer at 37signals.


1. Introduction

Philosophy, components, and terminology.

2. Workflow

How do deployments happen in Kamal?

3. Prerequisites

Kamal expectations.

4. Installation

Run as a gem or Docker container.

5. The first deploy

Let's deploy something.

6. Server configuration

Dive in on roles and other configurations.

7. Environment

Environment and secrets.

8. Traefik

Traefik routers and configuration.

9. Destinations

Splitting staging from production.

10. Volumes and data

Kamal and Docker volumes.

11. Assets

Learn about asset bridging.

12. Accessories

Ship databases and micro-services.

13. Logging

Configure log drivers.

14. Maintainance

Run maintenance tasks.

15. Examples

Production single and multi-server Kamal setup.

16. Debugging

What to do when things go wrong.

17. CI/CD

Automatic deployment with GitHub Actions.

18. Cron

Schedule tasks with cron.

19. Backups

Creating and restoring backups.

20. Wrap-up

What we learned and what's next.

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❝ Finally bought it! Have learned more in 15 minutes than I did previously in hours.

Michael Koper, Twitter

❝ I love it, and it offers an additional depth and layer to the docs.

Mikael Henriksson, Twitter

❝ I just finished reading the first 50 pages. It's awesome and can’t wait to read the rest.

Lucas, Gumroad


Is this book just for Rails?

Kamal is framework-independent and so I wrote the book in a general way, only mentioning assumptions about one's Dockerfile. Bring your Dockerfile and you are good.

Is this only for Ubuntu?

Kamal doesn't tie itself with any particular Linux flavor so you can use your favourite. The small provisioning examples in the book are tested against Ubuntu 22 LTS.

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Hello, I am Josef, a formal Linux packager at Red Hat and an author of Deployment from Scratch. Once I found Kamal, I dived in and never looked back. I am now running everything with Kamal for myself and my clients. In the book I am sharing everything I know, so you are confident to do the same.